Brachiosaurus - Jurassic World Action Figure (71 cm)

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Relive all the exciting action and adventure of the Jurassic World film franchise with this Brachiosaurus figure inspired by the original Jurassic Park film! Approximately 28-inches high and 34-inches long (71.12 cm x 86.36 cm), this larger-size dinosaur figure features movie-inspired sculpting, authentic color and realistic texture. The Brachiosaurus figure also has multiple points of neck, leg, tail, and jaw articulation for multiple moves and posing possibilities! Play out all the exciting Jurassic Park scenes or make up new adventures with this Brachiosaurus dinosaur action figure. For more dinosaur fun, download the Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) to scan and watch your dinosaur come to life, learn attack facts, compare stats and more!